Kelly Fox

Hair Color Specialist
Balayage Artist
Hair Stylist
David Rios Salon
1519 Wisconsin Avenue
Washington, D.C. 20007
Appointments: (202) 525-2613
Mobile: (202) 641-5796
E-mail: kellyfoxonline@gmail.com
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/kelly.fox.9



IF YOU WANT YOUR BEAUTY TO BE NOTICED, let Kelly help you achieve your best look through the element of your hair color. Don’t wait, get the color you’ve always wanted!

If you would like…

balayage highlights (painted, French technique)

hombre: any riff or variation

INOA Ammonia free permanent color

highlights using non-ammoniated beeswax based lighteners

color with added Olaplex for your relaxed, fragile or damaged hair

a color makeover

corrective work

a completely natural look

the perfecting of an existing color

pastel pink, lavender and mint to neon blue, red and yellow–custom formulated colors for global, special effects, hombre or peek-a-boo highlights

optimal color for high definition television

color for stage, film, print, or runway

the addition of gray for a more mature look

brow tint

gray reduction

natural looking highlights, hair, beard or brow coloring for men

color matching for your extensions, hairpiece, wig or weave

a transition from global color to highlights only

natural looking lowlights

a graceful grow out to your natural color

the achievement of a marvelous gray

to know the latest hair color trends

authentication of your goth, punk, or other extreme look

a reduction of brassy tones

an addition of warmth with golden, caramel or strawberry tones

a vibrant shade of red with red overlay

a natural red for your dull blond hair

white or platinum hair

a more dimensional look for your black or dark brown color

non gimmicky, lasting gloss for shine and protection

knowledge of the differences between permanent, semi or demi permanent color and direct dyes

removal of excess deposit, dark spots, light spots or “bleeds” from sloppy work

a gentle approach to fixing blond buildup

individualized, optimal color to make you look younger, healthier and to enhance your beauty

restoration of your compromised hair from over-bleaching or over-processing

…Call the receptionist to schedule an appointment for your service or to meet with him for a private consultation.

Kelly is discrete, friendly and personable, uses an arsenal of top notch, shine enhancing products that are loaded with conditioning agents to protect and enhance the health of your hair during and after your process, and has the latest equipment to ensure perfect results. He also provides the most luxurious in-salon treatments available, prescribes and sells individualized at-home regimens, shampoos, conditioners, styling and color extending products.

“I studied chemistry and biology in college but ended up becoming a hairdresser because early in my life I discovered that making people look beautiful gave me great joy. Listening, consulting, formulating and carrying out my game plan for coloring a guest’s hair is one of my life’s greatest loves, and the people who sit in my chair are my treasured masterpieces. It’s a happy career.”

-Kelly Fox



(Photo: Kelly uses the Balayage technique of  highlighting.)